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The Difference a Color Can Make

Selecting a color scheme for the interior of your home can be a difficult process. Picking colors from a swatch and trying to visualize what would look best on your ceilings and walls is certainly not easy. But instead of focusing purely on how the colors will make your home look, have you ever thought about a color may make a room look bigger, or how a color may make you feel?

Warm colors in common areaDid you know the effect on space that warm and cool colors can have? Warm colors, such as red, orange and yellow can make give a room more vibrance and make it look cozier. Have a large room that is lacking an intimate feel? Consider using interior painting techniques to use warm colors to create a more intimate setting. On the other side, cooler colors, such as blue, purple and green can open a room up and make it appear larger. Try using interior painting to open up a smaller room such as a bedroom or an office with cooler colors.

Cool tones for a relaxed feelOf course, there are different shades of each color you can consider, for instance you don’t need to paint your living room pure bright yellow to make it cozier, or pure blue to open up a room. You can also mix and match warm and cool colors to create an interesting feel in a room.

Colors can also have an impact on our feelings and emotions. Warmer colors can make you feel more energetic, cheery, and adventurous. Cooler colors can make you feel calm, relaxed and focused. Using interior painting to enhance energy in the living room, or calm and relaxation in the bedroom is a small step you can take to set the tone you want in each room. This is especially important in a place like Portland, where mood can be negatively effected by the not so cheery weather that frequently comes our way.

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The entire interior of my home was painted including ceilings, wainscoting & all baseboard moldings. The entire staff at Cut No Corners Painting was extremely professional & executed a high quality of work. Cut No Corners was fantastic to work with. At the beginning of the job, I decided to have all the baseboards painted. Cut No Corners accommodated this request at a fair price & squeezed in this extra work to meet my tight time-line. If you are looking for a professional, high quality, trustworthy company, hire Cut No Corners!

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"Overall I had a great experience with Cut No Corners. They were very professional, extremely detail oriented & clean. Walt and Frank were very easy to communicate with and upfront about any extra charges. I would highly recommend them & will most certainly use them again!"

Julie Pingle

September 29, 2015